Just Society with Peace and Prosperity

SAP-Nepal has a vision of creating a Just Society with Peace and Prosperity. SAP-Nepal envisages a society where people have wider participation in decision making so that they may control their own lives and the future of their communities. It will be a society, which guarantees equity in opportunity to secure basic human needs and the security of person and property, and finally the sovereignty of the people. Freedom, recognition of human rights, nonviolent action, social accountability and democratization of authority will be the other facets of the envisaged social capital.


The acquisition of professional competencies from decades of learning in certain areas and sectors has given SAP-Nepal an inspiration to deal with the issues by specializing and strengthening area/sector based units through the following three missions:

  1. Promotion of potentialities of disadvantaged groups for their development so that they can lead dignified lives in a society that has forgotten the importance of human values, by providing space for sharing and learning experiences among the civil society
  1. Promotion of equitable access to resources and economic opportunities to the poor, creating an enabling environment whereby they can become competent to change their livelihoods by productively utilizing all their potential resources
  1. Promotion of pro-people governance at the local and national levels by strengthening and creating solidarity in the civil society to advocate pro people inclusionary policies and practices for social justice and human rights

GOALS/ Objectives

Analyzing the current situation and need of the country at different levels, SAP-N has envisioned the following goals for the achievement of the missions stated:

 1.1       Empowerment of disadvantaged groups (women, Dalits, ethnic communities and Madhesis) to enhance their human development potentialities by improving the status of health, education, knowledge/skill and participation in development programs.

1.2     Creation of a congenial environment for the promotion of human development and human rights encouraging disadvantaged groups to improve their living standards by reforming public policies, improving service delivery systems and increasing inclusionary practices.

2.1       Promotion of access to economic opportunities for the poor, enhancing their capacities to promote local resource based economic activities.

2.2       Enhancement of productive utilization of resources by the poor by encouraging them to improve their life style through the utilization of unused and scattered local resources.

3.1       Enhancement of Conflict Transformation Practices by improving the understanding of the people on the causes and consequences of conflict and insecurity and the enhancement of knowledge, skill, attitudes and behavior to direct conflict towards a constructive approach and the promotion of sustainable peace and human rights.

3.2       Promotion of an Accountable System in Governance by designing an appropriate participatory framework for advocacy and practicing social accountability tools