Achievements & Learning


These are few achievements in a nutshell:

– Capital generation at local level for the promotion of local enterprises

– Increased women and young leadership at program and institutional level

– Initiation of self help community development programs

– Effective advocacy initiatives by the partners at local level

– Strong linkages established among the civil society

– Increased practices of social accountability at different level


– Different actors can play various roles in different stages of programmatic and organizational growth. Synergized efforts of the agencies contribute in creating enabling environment for peace reconciliation in post conflict phase.

– Introducing more economic empowerment programs based on needs of the community helps to create congenial environment for smooth political and social transformation process to create new prosperous/ inclusive Nepal.

– The past experiences need to be capitalized and documented to develop/design and implement demand driven programs for the empowerment of poor and marginalized communities.

– More intensive capacity building and knowledge sharing interventions helps to strengthen people’s understanding of their own needs and their right to participate in governance.