Our Building

SAP Nepal, a non-government development organization, is currently active in the development arena for promotion of good governance at different level . Since 1985 it has been advocating the overall social, political and economic issues for enhancement of the lives of the Nepalese people. With its extensive partnership with over 1,600 organizations in 65 districts, SAP-Nepal has placed itself in a meaningful position to help strategically direct the evolution of the community-based organizations that are best equipped to bring about pro poor, bottom-up development in Nepal. SAP-Nepal started its development journey as a fund-channeling mechanism in 1985, later transforming itself into a facilitating organization in 1989. One of the first steps in this direction was the incorporation of human resource development through capacity building initiatives of Nepali NGOs. Working with grass roots community members has given SAP-Nepal a capacity to work more intensively as a national organization to facilitate a participatory sustainable development process. The diversity in the country’s socio-cultural traditions, socio-economic and socio-political practices; and physical features has forced SAP-Nepal to be more sensitive in dealing with development and to consciously adopt people-based approaches.