SAP Falcha

Meaning of ‘Falcha’

Falcha is an old concept found in Newari Culture. A common feature in populated localities of Newars provided shelter and served as a venue for different kinds of social activities.

Enhancing Solidarity

The elder citizens could share their concerns and chat smoking the Hukka. People used to share their knowledge and experiences and provide solutions for problems of their relatives and neighbors.

The place was also used to conduct cultural programs. Such regular shows helped in conserving the culture by transferring traditional knowledge and skill to the future generations. It was also used for performing religious recitals, Bhajans. This mechanism of bringing people together helped in creating good relationship amongst each other.

In short, it was a place for enhancing solidarity amongst the people of neighbourhood.

Providing Shelter

Ancient Kathmandu had no hotels and restaurants for accommodation and recreation. Visitors without relatives in the city used Falcha to pass night and cook food.

Participation in Decision Making

The rulers of the Malla Dynasty used the place for listening to the public. In Sorha Khutte Falcha of Patan Durbar Square where king Yog Narendra Malla used to sit on a stone throne (still preserved) for listing to the problems of his people and take decisions with their consent. The stone carving of the throne and carved old scripture there survive as evidence to the point.

Such a system of participatory decision making is still continued by astrologers of Nepal in the Sorha Khutte Falcha. They gathered there to decide the most auspicious time for initiating the Machindra Nath Rath Jatra.


The spirit of Falcha as an infrastructure created for helping people and enhancing good social relationship needs to be preserved and promoted. SAP-Nepal’s  venture is a new step to revive and preserve and old tradition that appears to be on the way to extinction. Development professional from all fields can share their experiences and concerns in SAP Falcha to create synergy for social development.

The National Resource Center also widely known as SAP Falcha, provides facilities like training and conference halls with well equipped resource library. The conference hall has capacity of 100 persons, with backup facilities like computers, internet, LCD projectors, public address system and  other facilities that can be managed as per the request of the organizers and facilitators of knowledge sharing.

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